Remote Control 9053G Volitation High Speed RC Model Helicopter With Gyro 3.5ch

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* Alloy Metal frame design , super durable and anti-crash.

* Coaxial structure provides stable flight and easy operation.

* Bulit-in gyroscope * Stable flight. * Lights on Helicopter

* Auto-protection for charging to avoid overcharge.

* High capacity battery and strong powerful motor enables the helicopter to fly longer and more powerfully.

* Charges from Mains to save Battery cost.

* 60m Radio control range


* Weight: 531g

* Size: 68*11*24cm

*Dimensions: Main rotor diameter 535mm

* Heli - 7.4V 900Mah included.lithium polymer battery

* Flight Duration: 10 minutes

* Frequency: Radio Control 27mhz or 40mhz

* Control Specification: forward, backward, up,down,left,right/360's

* Range: Up to 40m High

Package Includes:

Volitation 9053G RC Helicopter

USB Charger

Remote Control

Spare Main Rotor Blades, Rear Tail Balde, Connect Buckle and Mini Screwdriver


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