A120-Airbus A380 RC Outdoors Model Airplane Aircraft Glider Drone RC Airplane Glider stable for beginners and intermediate flight game

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  • Size:52 * 24.5* 13cm,According to the scale of the Airbus A380, the high degree of authenticity, the patented rudder surface operation structure, the market has few three-channel design.

  • Rudder volume is adjustable, you can accurately do all kinds of difficult actions, such as forward, up/down, left/right turn, fine-tuning, 360-degree rotation, spiral motion, loop, etc.

  • Remote control sizing function, small rudder is suitable for beginners to fly, large rudder status continues to pull up and down the rocker, the aircraft can do the tumbling movement.

  • After pushing the dual-engine power, the positive and negative propellers cancel each other out of the anti-torque force, and the route lock is more stable. Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight auto-stable system, easy for beginners to master.

  • High Strength Composite (EPP),Suitable for indoor and outdoor flight,USB dedicated charger, can charge 2 sets of batteries at a time.