HENGLONG 3848-1 1:16 Germany III L Type Medium RC Model Tank BB Firing Smoking 2.4GHZ Version 7 IR Sound

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Name: Panzer (Panzerkampfwagen)

Type: Medium tank

Place of origin: Germany

Designer: Daimler-Benz

Number built: 5,774 estimate

Weight: 23 tonnes

Length: 6.41m

Width: 2.90m

Height: 2.5m

Crew: 5 (commander, gunner, loader, driver and a radio operator/bow machine gunner)


Key Features:

Charge time - 3-4 hours

Controls - Forward, hi-speed forward, backward, hi-speed backward, spin

Dimension - 37 x 19 x 20cm

Engine sound effects, machine gun sound, cannonball sound and smoke

NiMH Battery and charger included

Proportional Control on Forward, Backwards, Left and Right

Real Smoking effect, Barrel moves up and down 30 & Rotates 360 degrees

WITH 6mm SHOOTER - WITH SMOKE/SOUND (colour scheme may vary)