Radio Control Fighting InfraRed Tanks


Pre-Painted Camouflage Body Infrared turrets


Shoots infrared beams up to 25 meters


Turret has 300 degree horizontal turning


Turrent has 30 degree vertical lift for precise aiming


Life Force Indicator which disables tanks with lights and sounds after attack


Climbing Gradient to climb approximated 30 degree hills


Multi-Directional Tank Movement (Left, Right, Forward and Backward) Real Tank Trends for “Off-road”


Tactical Movement Top Speed: 5-10mph


Tank Dimensions: 8.5"L x 4.5"W x 4.5"H


  • This is an amazing Battle Tanks set! This set keeps the kids (and adults!) occupied for hours. The Tanks are radio-controlled with moving turrets and full control of movement. They will climb over cushions, books and other obstacles on the 'battlefield'. You can play stealthy hide and seek games or just slug it out in the open. When a tank is hit it loses a life and has slightly reduced ability until all 4 lives are used up and the tank dies! Be warned - it's very addictive!

    Great for all ages from 4 years up.


    The large scale infrared  battle tank details 3 tone desert camouflage, full function controls,rotational turret, and realistic driving, turret movement and gunfire sound effects. Combat strikes are recorded via the infrared emitter and receiver causing simulated explosion effects with lights, noise, recoil and tank vibration. Game play is tracked through the vital force and power indicators seated on top of the tank. 


    • Infrared Multi Player Battle System
    • Vital Force and power indicator for trackable game play
    • High Quality with rotational turret, scale detail and rubber treads
    • Full function control and climbing ability of 30 degrees
    • Audible turret movement, tank advance & tank fire/hit reaction
    • Visual effects include tank explosion, vibration, recoil & Gun fire
    • Dual weapons combat through turret and machine gun fire
    • Vividly simulates the actions of an actual battle tank
    • Equipped with High Gripping Caterpillar Tracks

    Package Includes:

    • 2x RC Infrared  Battle Tanks
    • 2x Radio control units
    • 2 x Rechargeable batteries for tanks
    • 1 x USB Charger
    • Instruction manuals