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Radio Control Syma Double Horse Alloy Shark Volitation metal V2 3Ch RC Helicopter 9053 Gyro Heli

Full function 3 channel radio control (Left /Right, Forward/Backward, Hover, and Lands) Real life helicopter styling 3 channel digital proportional control Built in Gyro for Extra Stability Unique material withstand crashes Flies over 100m high 2 powerful 180 main motors + N20 tail motor Newly designed super strong crashworthy propeller Altitude and rotor speed control Flight stabilizing system Super lightweight airframe Brake for easy landing Up to 60m (200 ft) radio control range Ready To Fly, Easy To Fly Complete Kit, Ready to Fly (Everything is included and 100% assembled -- only required 8 AA batteries for the radio transmitter to start flying)

Remote Radio Control RC J-15 Flying Shark Model Super Fighter Plane Heavy Carrier Based Fighter Jet 2.4GHZ

  • Function: up / down, left / right under the 2.4G remote control.
  • Super strong power configuration, high quality undercar sponge tyre with light
  • Small and dominant appearance, replaceable battery, easy accessibility
  • Perfect fuselage design with exquisite workmanship for an unparalleled flying experience
  • Allow you to complete the rolling course, simply start and land and show a sensational show

RC Model Aircraft Thunderbirds FX-823 2.4G 2CH Remote Control F-16 Glider Wingspan EPP RC Fixed Wing Airplane

  • 2CH airplane, including 4 direction flight, ascending, descent, turn left, turn right.
  • High-quality EPO chassis with a span of 480 mm, length 370 mm.
  • Power motor and power LiPo battery 300 mAh for top flight characteristics
  • Ready to fly – ready to go – ideal for beginners, advanced users and professionals.
  • Complete set including 2-channel remote control, battery, 2 x replacement propellers.

Remote Control Airplane, FX820 SU-35 2.4G RC Glider Plane, Electric Fixed Wing Remote Control Aircraft RC Plane, Airplane Toy for Kids and Adults, Easy to Fly for Beginners

  • High-performance carbon fiber blades, good toughness, not easy to break.
  • 3.7V 220mah lithium battery with charging cable, convenient to play.
  • 2.4Ghz frequency for better anti-interference ability and least power consumption.
  • Made of EPP high elasticity foam material, resistant to falling and easy to repair.
  • Dual motor design, using speed difference to turn, wonderful playing experience.

FX822 F-22 Raptor RC Model Fighter Airplane Remote Control Airplane Fixed-wing Model Toy For Kids Gift Collection


Item type: FX-822 remote control glider (fighter series)

Color: Army Camouflage

Material: Plastic

Battery: 300mAhLIPO

Flight time: >12~15 minutes

Charging time: about 35~40 minutes

Remote control distance: 120 meters

Remote control mode: 2.4GHz frequency remote control

Product Size: 390x280x80mm/15.21x10.92x3.12inch

RC Model Aircraft FX828 Helicopter Plane Glider F-18 RC Remote Control Airplane Foam 3.5CH Toys


Model: FX828
Main Color:BLUE
Material: EPP Flexible Durable Foam
Control Mode: wireless remote control
Configuration Frequency: 2.4GHz
Remote Distance: 40-100 meters
Charging Time: 60 minutes
Charging Method: USB charging cable
Duration: Approximately 15 minutes
Aircraft rechargeable battery: 3.7V 220mAh lithium battery
Remote battery: 6 AA batteries (not included)
Body size: 39cm x 28.8cm x 9cm
Package size: 42.2cm x 32.2cm x 7.5cm
Packaging: Retail Box

Remote Control RC Model Aircraft Fighter Plane Model Jet Flying Stunt Warplane J31 Heavy Carrier


2.4G 6Axis Gyro 4CH Rc Stunt flying Warplane J31 Hevey Carrier based Fighter Glider(Camoufluage)


RC Plane FX-863 6 Axis RC Glider with self-balance function self-contol rc Airplane

FX863 Large F22 remote control fighter fixed wing aircraft UAV anti foam glider 

A120-Airbus A380 RC Outdoors Model Airplane Aircraft Glider Drone RC Airplane Glider stable for beginners and intermediate flight game

  • Size:52 * 24.5* 13cm,According to the scale of the Airbus A380, the high degree of authenticity, the patented rudder surface operation structure, the market has few three-channel design.
  • Rudder volume is adjustable, you can accurately do all kinds of difficult actions, such as forward, up/down, left/right turn, fine-tuning, 360-degree rotation, spiral motion, loop, etc.
  • Remote control sizing function, small rudder is suitable for beginners to fly, large rudder status continues to pull up and down the rocker, the aircraft can do the tumbling movement.
  • After pushing the dual-engine power, the positive and negative propellers cancel each other out of the anti-torque force, and the route lock is more stable. Built-in six-axis gyroscope flight auto-stable system, easy for beginners to master.
  • High Strength Composite (EPP),Suitable for indoor and outdoor flight,USB dedicated charger, can charge 2 sets of batteries at a time.

Remote Control Airplane, 3 Channels Fixed-Wing Wltoys XK A110-MQ-9 RC Airplane with Remote Control Epp Foam Airplane Easy to Fly

  • Designed according to MQ-9 real plane, with cool exquisite appearance
  • EPP material is of high flexibility, excellent recovery and it is not easy to break
  • Rear push double power, positive and negative propellers cancel out the anti-torque force each other, making flight stable
  • Six-axle gyroscope ensures the balance and stability during flight, easy for beginners to master
  • USB charging cable can charge 2 batteries at one time

A150-C Remote Control Gyro 360 Airbus B747 Model Plane RC Fixed-wing 3CH EPP 2.4G Airplane RTF Toy UK



- According to the scale reduction of Boeing B747, it has high fidelity, two channel design, simple and easy to learn. Aileron channel controls the aircraft to turn left and right, and throttle controls the aircraft to climb and descend.

- EPP material, very impact resistant, flying weight about 65g.

- Back pusher dual engines, and the positive and reverse propellers offset the counter torque.

- Built in six axis gyroscope flight self stabilization system, route locking is more stable.

- With USB charger.

- The aircraft is fully assembled, and the decals are all completed, ready to fly.

- Simple operation, easy for beginners to master.

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